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Ancient Lelegian Walking Road

In Bodrum, Bodrum Chamber of Commerce (BODTO) was prepared and the South Aegean Development Agency (GEKA) by a total of 185 kilometers under the projects supported by 2.400 years Pedasa ancient city Lelegian Walking Road. It will be good experience while walking through Lelegian Walking Road for trekking.

Pedasa is a Lelegian city which has come down to our day in a better state of preservation than the others. Located in the area of Gökçeler, behind Konacik. IT is one hour's walk from Bodrum to Pedasa and we advise to take along a guide. Gökçeler, today, is a place where only a few shepherds graze their animals. Hardly anything has remained of antique Pedasa except for the inner castle. However, some structural remains can be seen on the surface of the ground. The inner castle, especially the eastern section, is in a fairly good condition. The narrow gates of the castle, built with the ashlar technique, were fortified with towers. The inner castle was built on a high rock. Herodotus has written that, from Caria, only the people of Pedasa put up some resistance against the Persian invasion, which took place after the fall of the Lydian capital Sardis in 546 B.C. Herodotus says that when a calamity was to befall the city or one of her neighbours, the priestesses of the Athena temple started growing beards. He adds that this happened three times in Pedasa's history, and was the same case before the arrival of the Persians.

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